Big 10 Tournament Over for Illinois


Purdue eliminated Illinois from the Big Ten Tournament today defeating them in a hard fought extra inning contest 4-3.

5-27illinibaseball 00601.jpg
Starter Jimmy Conroy kept the Illini in it for most of the game.

One can hardly fault starting pitcher Jimmy Conroy who pitched a heck of a game. He pitched a 10 inning complete game allowing only 3 earned runs.

5-27illinibaseball 01401.jpg
Shawn Roof hurrying to his post at the hot corner.

Shawn Roof did his best, too. He went 3-4 with an rbi. For the tournament, Roof was 6 for 7.

A word about Shawn Roof. His bio informs us that he was named “Mr Hustle” by his high school in Paducah, KY. If you watch him during the game, you can see why. When the inning is over, he runs out to his position at third base. Then when his team is up, he runs back to the dugout. He does nothing at half-pace.

5-27illinibaseball 00401.jpg
Chris Robinson heading to third on a run-scoring triple. Coach Itch Jones is in the foreground.

I enjoyed watching Robbie play thoughout the spring. It seemed he could do everything. He’s a good hitter (.353 with 8 HR), has great instincts behind the plate and a great arm.

And they don’t give out Big Ten Sportman awards for being a jerk.

So that’s it for the Illini in the tournament. With them and Iowa eliminated that leaves #3 Purdue as the only team left seeded in the top half of the bracket.

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3 Responses to “Big 10 Tournament Over for Illinois”

  1. I wonder what relation Shawn Roof is to former big leaguers Phil & Gene Roof who are also from Paducah, KY? Forgive me if you’ve already mentioned this.

  2. Good call. I missed this one. According to his bio:
    “Father, Gene, played professional baseball and now works as the roving hitting instructor for the Detroit Tigers”

    He hustles like Pete Rose, tho ;) He even sprints to the mound for conferences with the pitcher.

  3. also..

    “Uncle is the Triple-A coach for the Minnesota Twins.”

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