Catching up with Shawn Roof in A ball

I heard from Shawn Roof.  He shot me an email today.  Roof, former shortstop for the Illini who really knows how to hustle, was drafted by the Tigers this year and currently plays for the Lakeland Flying Tigers in high A ball. 

Roof says he’s getting adjusted to minor league ball and is really enjoying himself.  Obviously, the competition is better but he’s certainly holding his own after couple months in the minors.

The Flying Tigers have gotten to face former Illini ‘mate Toby Gardenhire and will see Eric Eymann in a couple weeks. Speaking of the Illini, Shawn follows Illinois baseball news and looks forward to a great team next year.

Tonight, the Flying Tigers play the St. Lucie Mets and who is pitching but none other than Pedro Martinez who is making a rehab start.  Certainly, that will be an exciting game.  Get a hit, Fours!  Heh, even better, I told him to steal a base when PJ wasn’t looking.

Good luck, Shawn!! 

Lakeland Flying Tigers website

Shawn Roof’s minor league stats

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