Comeback Win for Illinois

Monday’s game against Massachusetts must have been one exciting game to watch.  Thank you, Chase Kliment.  Kliment went 2-3 with a homerun and 2 rbis.

Down 3-1, the Illini put together a 3 run rally in the 7th.  That score stood and Illini won 4-3.

Starting pitcher Omar Kadir pitched effectively allowing only 2 runs in 6 innings and atypically for Illini pitching so far only one walk.  The relief staff allowed only 2 hits in 3 innings.  

The win puts Illini over .500 at 7-6, good for 4th place in the Big Ten. 

Looking Ahead

Those of you in C-U who are anxious to see the Illini in action have only 10 days to go.  On March 31, the Illini take on Purdue at Illini Field.  But I gotta tell ya, I hope today’s weather isn’t any indication of what it will be like.  We’re having the worst snowstorm of the winter.  Now only if we could have some of that 60 degree weather we had in January.


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  1. Just saw the link you had to my site. Thanks for the kind words. Greatly appreciate it.

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