Illinois Field: Rolling out the Turf

At long last, Illinois Field is beginning to look like a ballpark once again. 

The last few days, crews have been installing the “Field Turf” at the home of the University of Illinois ballclub, giving the field the bright green look. There was even a photo and writeup in the News Gazette, the local paper.

I admit it’s taken me a bit to get used to the idea to an artificial surface on Illinois Field.  But after discussing it with some in the baseball program I’m growing accustomed to the idea and I’ve also learned the field was getting in bad shape so SOMETHING had to be done. 

Sometime next week I’ll head over there and snap my own photos.  In the meantime, you can view the baseball program’s photo gallery of Field Turf installation

The photos from the last week show the turf actually being rolled out.  Cold work for the crews to be sure as it has been no higher than 35 all week. 

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  1. Really ,Artificial turf Looks and feels like real grass for less than real grass!No mowing, trimming or seeding No weeding, fertilizing or chemicals No Equipment Maintenance No problems!

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