Illinois Loses to Minnesota in first game of Big Ten Tournament

Didn’t make it to the Illini game yesterday. Elected instead to take my 5-year daughter out on a date. It was a close call but she’s a real sweet talker sometime.

Got back in time to listen to most of it on the radio… if only I could stay awake. It wasn’t that the game was boring, it’s just been a long week. I remember waking up briefly and hearing that the Illini were up 6-2 and falling back in blissful slumber thinking that the good guys had things well in hand.

I had forgotten one of reasons I like the game of baseball so much:

Almost anything can happen and usually does.

And when we’re talking about college baseball, that rule is especially true. Unfortunately, the Illini fell to the Gophers 11-8. The good news is that the Illini have started to score runs which they didn’t against Iowa last weekend.

Next up, it’s now or never. Later this afternoon, they play the winner of the Purdue/Michigan game which is just getting on its way right now.

And I’ll be there

Updated Big Ten Tournament Bracket

I forgot to mention that Michigan eliminated Iowa from the tourney by defeating them 8-6 yesterday. Much as I dislike Michigan, I can’t help feel a little relieved. We had a tough time with Iowa last weekend.

One more thing… for those who want to listen or follow the Illinois game via Gamecast, go to the Big Ten Tournament Central web page.

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