Olympic Baseball starts Aug 13

I watched a bit of the Olympics today.  I admit I’m a fan when they come around.  Unfortunately, this will be the last time baseball and softball will be featured during the summer games.  I don’t agree with the decision especially since there are other "sports" that the Olympics are phasing in.  Whatever. 

That said, keep an eye out on August 13th when baseball tourney gets moving.  Four games will be played including the USA vs Korea. 

One other team that I’ll have my eye on will be Team Canada.  Why?  Because their catcher is none other than Chris Robinson.  Robbie is a former University of Illinois catcher who played before the Lars Davis era.  He is taking a hiatus from his stint in the Cubs farm organization.  When he left to help Team Canada, Tennessee Smokies in Double A ball.  Robinson is a good gap hitter and knows his way behind a plate so I hope once this is all over, he’ll come right back and get right back into the swing of things for the Cubs. 

If you’re interested, I interviewed Chris for Baseball Zealot Radio a year ago spring just before he reported to spring training. 

2008 Olympic Baseball Schedule

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