Opening Day for Illini tomorrow!

Tomorrow night the University of Illinois baseball team begins their 2007 season!

They face the Ragin’ Cajuns of Louisiana-Lafayette. It’s a three game set with righty Scott Shaw taking the mound for Game 1. The Cajuns are 5-0 so far this year so this will be no cakewalk but I know the Illini players are rarin’ to go and really want to start this season off right with a series win.

Weekend Series Preview

Good luck, Illini!!

Chris Robinson in his Illini days

In other Illini news, I’ve been in email contact with former Illini catcher Chris Robinson. Last I heard from Robbie, he was packing to go to Spring Training.

Last year, he was drafted by the Tigers last year (83rd overall, highest ever by an Illini) then traded to the Cubs organization midseason. He finished up in single-A Daytona.

And now Robbie’s on his way to his first Spring Training. Good luck, Robbie! Hit em where they ain’t!

Correction: Commenter Roger correctly points out that Chris was drafted in 2005, not 2006.

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  1. Actually, Chris was drafted by the Tigers in 2005 and went to 2006 spring training with the Tigers. I believe he was an invitee to the main camp. He played in Lakeland, FL until traded for Neifi Perez in August 2006. My wife and I had the pleasure of having Chris live with us the summer of 2005 after he signed with Detroit and was assigned to the West Michigan Whitecaps (Grand Rapids, MI).

  2. You are correct, sir. It was 2005.

    What a great trade, IMO!

    Interestingly, he was also drafted by the Mets in 2002.

  3. Got an e-mail from Chris on the 22nd, said he had just arrived in AZ for spring training. Chris was signed by the Detroit in June (may have been July) 2005. Played a couple of games with Oneonta (NY) and then spent July to end of season with West Michigan. Chris’ main flaw is he is a Maple Leaf fan. Hope to see him some day in a Cubbies uni.

  4. Roger,
    I actually talked to Chris yesterday. I did an interview with him for our podcast, the Baseball Zealot Radio.

    He seems like a real nice guy. I also would like to see him in Cubbie blue.

    Look for the interview in a day or so at


  5. Roger,
    The interview is now posted on Baseball Zealot Radio.

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