Shawn Roof: News from Double-A

I always enjoy getting emails especially when they come from former Illini players.  Shawn Roof updated me on his latest since he got promoted to the Tigers’ AA squad, the Erie Seawolves.

Roof is enjoying the slightly cooler weather in Erie, PA (compared to Single-A weather in Florida, at least).  However, the biggest change is everyone is that much better at the higher level.  "The defenses are unbelievable, and you really have to earn your hits."  Pitchers are learning to work the counts better too, apparently.  Roof says, "Unlike before if you’re ahead in the count you’ll see a fastball, but now you see more 2-0 curveballs, and 3-2 curveballs."

A big highlight for Roof recently was when the Seawolves got a chance to face big leaguer Fausto Carmona. 

He had a pretty good sinker and induced a lot of ground ball outs, but he sure didn’t overpower us like I thought he would, so that was cool to see that you can hang in there against guys like that.  I had a infield base hit off of him.  I hit a chopper up the middle, and he jumped up and knocked it down but I beat it out.
Shawn did have a bit of bad news.  Former Illini and Oriole draft pick Kyle Hudson is out with a broken hand.  Hud looks to be back in a couple weeks.
I want to say that though I relate a lot of baseball related stuff from Shawn, I should mention he never neglects to ask about me and the family.  One of the nicest guys I know.
Good luck Shawn!!


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