Some sights at the 2008 Big Ten tournament

The Big Ten Network began broadcasting the games by the third round.  This camera operator didn’t care for me taking her picture even though she was poking her camera into Illinois’ dugout a good part of the game.

This is a mid-game interview of Coach Hartleb of Illinois.  This goes for MLB too but my feeling is let the manager do his job.  There’s nothing he can say then that can’t wait till after the game.  This is just a failed gimmick on TV sports media’s part.

On the left Steve Putnam and on the Brian DeCaussin from Big Ten Hardball.  The three of us chatted Thursday.

Zach Putnam is Steve’s son and considering what Zach did to our Illini, I’d say some mean things but he’s a really nice guy and actually a Illinois alum so I won’t.

No team in the tourney gets in the game more than the Purdue Boilermakers.  Whether it’s yelling encouragements to the pitcher or batter or riding the opposition, they’re doing it.  There’s constant chatter. They’re always up on the railing making themselves the tenth player.

Something I noticed… when the Boilermaker pitcher makes the third out, four or five of them run out to meet him with high fives and ‘atta boy’s.  In my opinion, that’s got to make a difference.

Quote of the Week:

“Ok, you’ve told the world you’re going to sacrifice.  Now get the job done!”

-Indiana Coach Tracy Smith to an Indiana batter who fouled off a pitch while attempting a bunt.

my photos of the 2008 Big Ten Tournament this week (I’m closing in on 400 taken so far)

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8 Responses to “Some sights at the 2008 Big Ten tournament”

  1. Great photo with the Buckeyes fans in the back ground. That is me and the girl friend. Nice photo again!

    Go Bucks!

  2. haha yeah.. the purdue players in the photo were always doing some sort of antic. this time they were pointing both their index fingers upwards in tune to the music.

    sorry your buckeyes didnt last too long. there were some older fans I enjoyed hanging out with.

  3. FYI, the Purdue players’ pointed index fingers indicate a 1-1 count with 1 out…just as two fingers on the bill of a cap show a 2-2 and 2 count. The music doesn’t have anything to do with it.

  4. that was it!

    I was trying to figure out some rhyme or reason..


  5. Thanks for bringing the flavor of the Big Ten tournament to us! Your in depth coverage makes it almost like we’re there in person, minus the ballpark hot dogs.

  6. I happened to be sitting right behind Dan Black’s (Purdue University baseball player) mother and she indicated he may be playing in the MLB woodbat league in the Pacific Northerwest League in Vancouver. Also, he has been recruited and talking with the Cape Cod League. She is a real nice lady…had fun sitting with her and three of the other Purdue baseball moms.
    I was impressed by this boys play and stick and was hoping to follow his summer ball. I can not locate the Pacific Northwest League and the Vancouver team.
    Any chance someone can help me out???

  7. Anthony,
    Could it be the Northwest League?

  8. Anthony,

    Dan Black is playing in the Cape Cod League for the
    Cotuit Kettlers. You can keep track of him at We think Dan’s the best, and his parents are nice too!

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