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I occasionally get email and it’s always nice to hear from folks who take the time who read my blog. But the other day, I got a special treat when I received an email from Illini shortstop Shawn Roof.

Those who follow my University of Illinois baseball coverage here on the Zealot know that I enjoy watching Roof play. I appreciate his hustle and how he his always in the game. Here is Roof’s bio (a bit of trivia: his father is Gene Roof)

So it was a real treat for me to hear from Roof. He told me he stumbled across my site and enjoyed reading our coverage of Illlini baseball.

At this point, Roof is doing good things for the Fayetteville SwampDogs. So I wrote him back asking him how things are going so far in the Coastal Plains League. Here is a snippet of his email:

The season is awesome. We are 25 or 26-9 (it all runs
together now), and we are having a blast. I’m playing
mostly short, but I have played a couple innings at 3rd, a
couple games at 2nd, 4 or 5 at 1st, and even 2 in left
field. I’ll play just about anywhere coach puts me as long
as I get to play. I’ve been begging coach to let me play
all 9 positions in one game, and I think he is going to let
me do it which will be awesome. That’s about all here, and
take care and good to hear back from you.

Hehe, if they let you pitch, Shawn, I definitely want to hear about it.

By the way, Shawn reminded me that the Alumni Game is coming up in September. For those of you in the C-U area, it’s a good chance to get your college baseball fix.

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