Guide to vintage base ball

For those who have heard about vintage base ball or seen me post articles about our local team, the Vermilion Voles and not really have a clue what it’s all about, here’s your answer. 

The Voles have posted an all-encompassing guide to vintage base ball.  It’s complete with the 1858 rules that vintage ballplayers adhere to, a glossary of game terms so that you’ll fit in when you watch a game and even photos of some of the vintage base ball teams playing the game. 

The guide was written by Dave “Beans” Heim of the St Louis Unions.  I’ve been a fan for three or four years and still found the guide quite informational.  Well done!

Here is a direct link to the guide in pdf format

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  1. Wow I really had no idea that this kind of a league even existed. I am an avid collector of vintage baseball memorabilia so love this kind of stuff. Thanks for the info – I downloaded the PDF and will look over it in more detail when I get home later.

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