Photos of the Vermilion Voles Vintage Base ball game

Jun 14 2008_2234

I wasn’t able to make the Vermilion Voles game with the Deep River Grinders on Saturday.  Which is too bad because I always enjoy watching a good game of vintage base ball.  The Deep River Grinders are a frequent opponent of our local Voles and are a fun bunch of guys. 

Jun 14 2008_2134 Fortunately though, Randy Idleman from Midwest Photos did attend and being a photographer, he got some pretty awesome photos of the event. 

Randy attended the game with his family and seemed to enjoy the game. 

Oh, and congratulations to the Voles for the 10-5 win.  I know winning isn’t everything in vintage base ball but I’ll bet it still feels good. 

You can see all of Randy’s photos at his Picasa photo gallery.  There are a lot more so check them out. 

Thanks Randy!!!

All photos courtesy Randy Idelman- MidwestPhotos
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