Uncle Joe Cannon’s Jamboree vintage base ball Tournament- August 22

I had lunch with Shawn Lee today.  Shawn is the web person and occasional ballist for our local vintage base ball team, the Vermilion Voles. 

Aside from discussing what’s ailing major league baseball today, we talked vintage base ball.  Shawn reminded me that the annual Uncle Joe Cannon’s Jamboree Tournament is coming up.  For those in the East Central Illinois area, it’s a great chance to see some great vintage base ball (and lots of it!). 

This year, they’ll be having it at the Voles’ usual home park at beautiful Kennekuk State Park. The tournament will take place on August 22 at noon.  The Voles will be hosting the Chicago Salmon, Rock Spring Squirrels, St Louis Perfectos (and no doubt their bright red stockings). 


Some Chicago Salmon players taken at the 2008 Jamboree

I went to the Uncle Joe’s Jamboree in 2008 and had a blast.  I did a write up and posted some photos

If you’re interested, please come.  The teams love a crowd and really make try to get the spectators involved by speaking to them and informing them about how the game of base ball was played in 1858.

You can find more info (including their schedule) on the Voles’ web site.  

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