Vintage Base ball on a hot June Saturday

Saturday, the family and I caught most of the Vermilion Voles game against the Mascoutah Blues. We arrived at Kennekuk Park just in time to see the ending ceremony for game two between the Creston Regulators and the Blues. It was a hot day but the Blues were up for challenging the Voles for the third game.

The Mascoutah Blues’ captain was an older chap named Pops with a sharp wit and a sharper tongue. His knees weren’t up for running so he was allowed a courtesy runner. He proved he could still put the stick to the ball though.

Voles captain Jim Knoblauch is seen here giving position assignments and such. If you think that the old fashioned nicknames the players are given are just for show, you’re wrong. I overheard Jim and he refers to the players by their given nicknames.

Wilbur “Hollywood” Bolton was the Voles’ hurler and did a fine job…

…as did Rita “Hustler” Hostetler, the Voles’ regular backstop and sole member of the fairer gender.

Remember, taking a lead off a base is not allowed. Neither is stealing or sliding. This rule came into play when a Blues runner coming home to score tripped when crossing home plate. The runner politely asked the umpire if his ace (run) may still count in spite of the rule and the umpire granted him the ace.

This is a good picture (no, not the legs. Look lower) of a gentleman who comes out to every Voles game and acts as scorekeeper. I don’t know his name but according to Jim, for various reasons he can’t participate in the field but really wanted to help out the team. This is his way of doing that. He really dresses up for the role too. When a player tallies an ace (scores a run), they are responsible for going up to him and requesting that he record it and if he grants it, the player will ring the bell.

A Vermilion Voles player tallying an ace.

We had to leave around the 5th inning (heat+kids is not always a good match). At that time, the Voles were ahead 3-2. As always, I had a great time watching the Voles. Keep an eye on their schedule if you want to see them in action.

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