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The day before the BIG doubleheader I checked out the schedules and realized this was doable. I was “only” going to see the White Sox at night at the Cell, but when I heard Greg Maddux was pitching for the Padres, I decided to see both games.

I left my house at 10:15 AM, hopped on the CTA bus, and soon was standing at Clark & Addison. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and I was very excited to be able to see TWO GAMES! As soon as I took my position in the Bleachers, after downing a piece of Connie’s Pizza, washed down with a large Mountain Dew, it became overcast, and began to drizzle.

Things got even better when I saw Felix Pie would be making his major league debut. Felix got a double off Maddux and made a terrific throw to nail Russell Branyan at the plate. Greg allowed three runs on the day, but two were as a result of centerfielder Mike Cameron losing a flyball in the sun, which resulted in an RBI double to Derrek Lee, and then Lee scored on a two out hit.

The game remained tied until Geoff Blum knocked in what proved to be the game winner in the top of the 14th at 5:30 PM. By that time the sun had broken threw, was quickly setting, and it was time for me to hustle on down to the Cell.

Boarded the Red Line at Addison, got off at Sox 35th, picked up a ticket at the window, and I was on my way. After eating some Elotes with everything, a Gardenburger with cheese, it was time to grab my spot next to Nancy’s organ behind home plate.

The only Sox scoring would be as result of a Jim Thome longball to straight away centerfield. It was Sammy Sosa’s homecoming, Sox manager Ozzie Guillen pleaded with fans to be nice to Sammy cuz he was good for Chicago baseball, but that request fell on deaf ears.

The game really began at 7:32 PM when Sosa stepped to the plate to the sound of thunderous boos, that turned to cheers when he went down singing at 7:33 PM. But when Sammy knocked a three run blast over the wall to put the Rangers up 8-1, it was time for me to fly.

I bounded along blustery 35th street to my Red Line chariot waiting to take me home, I walked in my door at 10:15 PM, a twelve hour adventure. Even though both Chicago teams lost, it was fun. My next Red Line Doubleheader will be 4/25.

3 Responses to “4/17/07: RED LINE DOUBLEHEADER”

  1. 4/25 is my ex-wife’s birthday.

    Insert your own joke here.

  2. Wonder if she remembers October 24th?

  3. Felix Pie, in his debut, had a double, run, rbi and threw out a runner.

    that night, a douchebag from MLB Radio then says that Pie “didn’t have a great start”.


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