Bad Trade Karma?

Juan Uribe was involved in a shooting incident in the Dominican Republic and authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the Sox shortstop.

Ironically, just last Friday, I worked out a deal in my APBA league that sent Corey Koskie away for Uribe.

You could say I “pulled the trigger on the deal”. *rimshot*

Fortunately, APBA leagues (at least our league) are on a one-year delay so I’ll get one good year out of him.

“Good” meaning he’ll play. He had some pop but his .257 OBP was the worst among all starters in the AL.

Update: Uribe is claiming he’s being blackmailed.

“I’m completely innocent,” Uribe told “They’re trying to extort me because they know I play in the major leagues. They sent word to me that if I give them 1,000,000 pesos [about 33,000 U.S. dollars], all of this will go away.”

(h/t Baseball Musings)

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  1. Don’t know if DonS wanted a guy with a gun, unhappy about his lack of playing time, sitting on his bench.

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