Brilliant Show by the Cubs

I’m not in the habit of agreeing with my Sox fan friends especially when it comes to Cubs/Sox issues but I have to hand it to my good buddy Teddy Ballgame. He’s right about Sox broadcaster Hawk Harrelson. Someone needs to take his mike away.

Don’t ask me why but Sunday I turned on Comcast to watch the Cubs-Sox game. That was about the time that Juan Uribe was called for interference. I think that Ford Frick nominee Ken Harrelson said “This is BS!” about 3 time then guaranteed that the protest would be upheld. All this, of course, before he even heard what the final ruling was.

I’m not sure what Hawk meant by BS. Maybe he meant Bad Series by the Sox who eventually dropped all three to the Cubs. Or Blundering Shortstop Juan Uribe who committed the interference infraction.

I eventually got smart and changed the channel to WGN. Len and Bob to the rescue.

The Cubs have won 4 in a row (including the one tonight that got away and they roped backed in) and are 14-8 since according to the media Piniella had “lost control of his team”.

Yet, as good as the Cubs are doing, Milwaukee is doing that much better and remain 7 1/2 ahead.

What we need right now…

a Brewers Slump.

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