Crede- Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde

I picked up Joe Crede in the off-season in the Illowa APBA League. He was sort of a throw-in as part of larger deal so I didn’t think much of it. I even shopped him around for a reliever but to mild surprise no one was interested especially considering the number of White Sox fans in the league.

Then Crede started out hitting like gang-busters for the Sox. By April 25, he was hitting .324 and slugging .500. I started to wonder if I stumbled on to something.

But since then, Crede has gone downhill. Since that date, he’s gone 15 for 93 (.161) with a .248 OBP and a pathetic .247 slg pct. He’s hit 2 homers in this period.

As good as he is in the field, Crede is not known for being consistent at the plate. Last year, he hit .184 in May, .329 in June, and .198 and July.

Rumors earlier this year, were he didn’t plan on changing too much regarding his approach at the plate this year in favor of sticking with one batting stance.

He offered this cryptic outlook on his hitting:

“I believe I am a .280, .290 hitter, but I will believe it when I actually do it.”

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