The Chicago Cubs have completed the Crosstown Classic at Wrigley Field why the Chicago Cubs are in first place. It has nothing to do with anything, but a mighty fine baseball club. The White Sox dropped all three games this past weekend playing at the un-Friendly Confines. Friday’s game was close, maybe with a bunt, following a leadoff 9th inning double, and the outcome could’ve been different. That’s like saying if IFs, ANDs, & BUTs were CANDY & NUTS everyday would be Christmas.

Aramis Ramirez was the star of the series, hitting two out Friday (including the game winner), knocking a three run blast that put Saturday’s game on ice, and hitting his 4th of the three game series was just the cherry on top of a Delicious Cubbie Sundae! The Cubs have the best record in baseball and are unbeatable at Wrigley.

Of course I’m a White Sox fan, but I’m willing to give the Cubbies their do. I’ll be at the Cell this coming Friday & Sunday to see the Southside version of the Crosstown Classic. I’ll be rooting for the Sox to return in the favor this weekend. My winning streak is at ten, hopefully I can increase it to twelve, and maybe the Sox can win one without me on Saturday. LET’S GO WHITE SOX!

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