Buck called to say he had an extra ticket for Tuesday night’s game between the White Sox and the Yankees. I told him I’d take it, but thought better after checking the weather and seeing thunderstorms in the forecast. Sure enough the game was called at about 9:30 PM, without ever starting. The White Sox kept their fans in the ballpark watching the Bulls win a game over the Detroit Pistons on the scoreboard TV. Actually White Sox ballplayers left the park about 7:30, but fans weren’t told about the rainout for
a couple of more hours. There was plenty of time to buy overpriced beer. When it was time to shutdown the beer concessions, the game was called, the Bulls game was shutoff (even though there was over six minutes left in the game, although Chicago had it well in hand). The fans were told the game would be made up the next day as part of a day/nite doubleheader.

Wednesday looked much better, so I decided to head down to the Cell with Buck & his wife for game #1 of a split doubleheader. The Yankees hold over a 1,000 win advantage over Chicago in the alltime series between the two clubs. So it was time for a little payback. Rather than assuming my usual spot next to Nancy Faust (she was there, as it was a day game), we went out to the sunshine of the bleachers. It was a little chilly, so I wore a black sweatshirt, big mistake, I roasted in the sun, still much better
than freezing in the shade. Paul Konerko put the Sox up one with a 4th inning solo shot off Mike Mussina, the Yanks tied it in the 5th, the Sox took a one run lead in the bottom of the 5th, and the Yanks tied it in the 6th, but then Chicago posted three in the bottom of the 6th, and never looked back. As John Danks picked up his 2nd career win, Matt Thornton recorded the save, 5-3 final.

After the game we went over to Berucci’s on 24th, Buck & his wife went home after a fine Italian meal, but dropped me back at the Cell for the nightcap. I told the ticket guy I wanted the worst seat in the house, he looked at me a little strange, before charging me $25 for a seat way up in the leftfield upperdeck. It started cooling down, with nasty looking clouds rolling in, as I headed for my spot behind homeplate. It was good to see Tade there, although he looked cold from tailgating with friends between
games. Tade also said it was a bit nippy watching the first game in the shade. By sitting in the bleachers for the first game, I did miss out on seeing Al, Anthony, & Steve, not to mention NANCY! But I really did not miss freezing my butt off at a ballgame.

The night game was delayed one hour and all I could think of was deja vu all over again, but this time there was no Bulls game on the centerfield scoreboard. NickyV (my baseball traveling companion & big Yankee fan) was there with his buddy Ed. Nick & I would hang all the time, but that was pre-girlfriend (yikes, how things change, hadn’t seen NickyV since March). Also CLuke was in the house, with his main squeeze, but I ventured down to see him three times, before we finally hooked up, he gave me a ride
home, which was well appreciated.

A Wang fan from Taiwan was standing behind homeplate with me, rooting his hurler on to victory, in actuality, he didn’t need much help, although I’m sure he appreciated seeing his country’s flag in the hand of this fan. It was an old fashioned pitcher’s dual through six innings 2-1 Bombers. NY scored a couple of more in the 7th, before blowing it open with four in the 9th, final score 8-1 bad guys.

Thursday would be another doubleheader, but this time the Chicago Bulls/Detroit Pistons game would be the nightcap. The on-the-band-wagon/off-the-band-wagon Chicago sportswriters were big Bulls supporters once again. The Bulls got clobbered in games one & two in Detroit, then blew a big lead in Chicago, to go down three nothing. But with a win Mother’s Day in Chicago and a win Tuesday in Detroit, there was life, even though it was a 3-2 Piston series lead. I truly thought a win Thursday night would result
in a hard fought seven game series win for the Bulls, but I honestly didn’t think we were going to win game six.

But there was a daytime baseball game between the Yankees and the White Sox before basketball. Again it was a sunshiney/cool day, so I’d be watching much of this game from the bleachers. I took the Redline to the Cell, Buck was stuck in traffic, so I stood behind homeplate with Tade & Nancy, till Buck got there. Jon Garland was matched up against DeSalvo. When Buck got there, we headed out to the bleachers, Buck said, “Let’s watch Jermaine Dye’s homer”, the next pitch was GONE! Bobby Jenks was called on to
save the 4-1 win.

Buck dropped me off at Wishbone after the baseball game, where I met my Dad, for a bite, and it was time for Bulls playoff basketball. The Bulls came out strong and had a halftime lead, it looked like the Bulls might advance after all. But then reality set in, the Pistons won, and it was time to look to next year.

As for me, even though my guys would be headed for Wrigley, I was Waupaca bound for my niece’s Hanukkah birthday celebration (the celebration lasts for a week it seems). The highlight would be a trip to Build-A-Bear and Shrek 3 for my niece & all her friends.

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