Easy with that Bat, Mr Cora

Thank you sooo much, Joey Cora, for disabling yet another Cubs pitcher with your errant bat before the All-Star game. That’s what the Cubs need right now. It’s not like we have a ton of good arms on the Cubs right now.

“Whoa, that’s not a weapon there, Joey Cora”

And it’s not like the Cubs fans need another focal point on the Sox. We have plenty of those already.

Zambrano missed the All-Star Game and is questionable for the next one or two starts. That’s quite a mighty swing you have for a fungo.

Easy with that bat, Mr Cora.

Update: Zambrano assures us he’s ok and is scheduled to make his start on Saturday.

One observation: If Zam hits a homerun on Saturday, he will be tied for 5th on team. Ugh.

2 Responses to “Easy with that Bat, Mr Cora”

  1. Isn’t Cora the White Sox coach that was fined and suspended for participating in the Barrett-AJ Brawl?

    Some things make a guy go “Hmmmm.”

  2. The next time the Angels visit Comiskey, we’re inviting Vlad to be on the field for an interview during Sox BP. :-) And on the subject of Vlad, I saw a quote the other day after his All-Star HR: Vlad is Dick Allen without the surly attitude and chain-smoking.

    A special note for DonS: I hope you saw that Charlie Hagear, the knuckleballer for the Sox made quite a splash in the International League’s All-Star game. Fifteen pitches, six up and six down. I think when you look up “FourA” in the dictionary you’re liable to see his picture.

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