Gordon Beckham Makes Big League Debut

gordonbeckhamap21 I was at the Cell today to witness, firsthand, Gordon Beckham’s major league debut with the White Sox. The University of Georgia’s Beckham was the first player drafted by Chicago in the 2008 rookie draft. As a SS, Gordon led the nation in homers as a senior Bull Dog. I’d seen the White Sox twice this season and the combined score in those two ballgames was 20-0 Bad Guys, so anything Mr. Beckham could provide, would be greatly appreciated.

In his first at bat, he grounded to third, on a slow developing force at 2nd, he was able to beat the relay to first, thus avoiding a doubleplay. In the field, A’s batters were able to take advantage of the youngster learning to play the hot corner on the fly, by hitting balls between him and the line.

The White Sox have struggled all season against rookie starters. They are 7-1 with a 1.51 ERA in 10 games this year. I’ve kind of lost track, but this was either the 7th or 8th time the club has been shutout this season, I’ve been to three of them.

Something’s got to change, sitting Jim Thome in favor of Josh Fields, was basically inserting Gordon Beckham in place of Big Jim. Besides Fields, the Sox lineup also featured offensively challenged Jayson Nix and minor leaguer Dewayne Wise (.260 avg .309 OBP in over 3,500 minor league at bats). Is there a worse outfielder ever to play for Chicago? Maybe Julio Ramirez, who ironically batted .261, with a .308 career OBP in over 4,000 minor league at bats. The Hawk’s infamous quote about Julio, “Man, this kid can do it all, if he could only learn to hit”.

Matt Holiday came to the plate, after doubling passed Beckham, with a runner on 2B, Ozzie decided to setup the DP by walking Matt to get to Jason Giambi. I asked Buck what he thought Giambi was thinking, he said, “I hope I don’t hit into a doubleplay”. I said, he’s thinking, “Those rightfield seats don’t really seem that far away”. First pitch went screaming over the rightfield fence for a three run bomb, making the score 4-0 Oakland. Final score 7-0 A’s.

My three game total, 27-0 Bad Guys.

LET’S GO WHITE SOX!!! but where???

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