DonS didn’t get into his brother’s postseason baseball pool, because three of his favorite teams were in the playoffs (Angels, Brewers, Cubs), and he thought the Phillies & Red Sox would be in the World Series. Not wanting to go against his heart, he decided to skip the pool. Both the Brewers & Cubs are down two games to none, the Halos are down one game to none, and four to one after one inning in game #2. But what I didn’t know was that DonS is a closet White Sox fan, what else could explain the rough start my team is off to?

Actually I believe starting Javier Vazquez in game #1 set up the Rays, got them the confidence they needed to compete, just in case they needed momentum. Today Chicago jumped out to a 2-0 lead, but could not put Scott Kazmir away. We had runners on base all night long, leaving them stranded, and eventually Tampa scored more than enough to win, winning by four.

Last night I bid $180 on an upper deck ticket on stubhub for Sunday’s playoff game at the Cell. I won’t find out if I won(?) until 11:00 AM on Sunday. Not sure if I want to show up, especially seeing the Sox haven’t shown up thus far.

I bought three tee shirts on www.minoso.com over a month ago, but they still haven’t arrived. So I called a cell phone number Dick gave me, he said it used to be Minnie’s, but that was a couple of years ago. To my surprise, Minnie answered my afternoon call, said he was in Florida for the game, and would talk with me at the game on Sunday. I urged him to, just win, I guess his urging didn’t help, as now we’re down 2-0.

Just like the regular season, our backs are against the wall, and we need to win three in a row to keep our playoff life alive. This one’s for DonS, “LETS’S GO WHITE SOX!”


  1. Oh you know you will be showing up to the game. If you could watch the 2007 Sox then you can put up with the 2008 version. If anything you know at “the spot’ there will always be fun conversation about God knows what. maybe even a new “Bubba” story will enlighten us all. I’m glad you have Minnie’s cell number, but be careful with it, because you might have him calling you all the time, and I know how much you would like that. :)

  2. Teddy, it seems like DonS has about 27 favorite teams. :-)

    But we both know he only wears ONE hat. That pretty much cinches it as far as which one is really his favorite of favorites.

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