In the Lion’s Den II

As I said in an earlier post, Zealot contributor Teddy Ballgame is in the heart of Angel country to watch the the playoff games.  Well, I was watching the Bears-Vikings game on the tube and got to thinking.  Ten to one, I bet Teddy is in a bar somewhere and convinced the barkeep to turn the channel to the Bears game.  So I dialed him up.

Somebody answered but all I could was a lot of background sounds which sounded like, you guessed it, a bar.

Finally, he got to where we could talk and sure enough, he was passing the time before tonight’s baseball game by watching the Bears-Vikings game (Go Bears!).  He told me that he was very pleased with how the Sox were doing (obvious) and was looking forward to seeing Contreras in action tonight. 

He then broke out into a chorus of the White Sox fight song.

“Yeah, yeah, Teddy”, I said. ”Remember where you are.  There are probably a barfull of drunk and dejected Angel fans looking for a good target.”  Knowing Teddy, he’s probably decked out in full Sox regalia.


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