Mariotti on Fukodome

The Chicago Sun-Times’ Jay Mariotti pulls no punches against the White Sox front office in his analysis of the Cubs’ acquisition of Kosuke Fukudome.

"On the South Side, Fukudome is Japanese for brush-off. And when you add him to an earlier rejection by Torii Hunter, a failure to acquire Miguel Cabrera and a final knife in the back Wednesday from one of their old reliables — Aaron Rowand, who signed with San Francisco after telling Williams to shove his fewer-years offer — maybe the Sox should realize players in the industry aren’t real fond of their franchise, their plan or their way of doing business. In the spirit of the season, the Sox are Fred Claus, bitter and second-rate as the Cubs prepare to dominate another local summer and contend for a playoff berth again."

Bet that plays well on the South Side.

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