Nick Swisher excited to play for Chicago

Last night, I listened to the’s John Marzano and Vinny Micucci interview Nick Swisher about his trade to Chicago.  I’ve heard Swish interviewed before and I have to say that based on that, I’ve taken a liking to the Ohio State alum.

When interviewed by the press, some baseball players seem to be measured, watching every word and making sure they say the right thing (I don’t blame them honestly the way some in media treat them).  Not Nick Swisher.  He gives a great interview.  He sounds like a long lost cousin at a family reunion. 

Anyway, he’s excited to play in Chicago and doesn’t hesitate to bring up that his dad (catcher Steve) was drafted by the White Sox before getting traded to the Cubs.  He’s here to finish the job. 

Nick is on the ball.  Since the trade to the Sox, he’s already updated his website,, in a black and white motif. 

Catch the interview at’s Baseball Channel.

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