NL Central on the rise?

For years now, I’ve heard from White Sox fans about the supposed “weak” NL Central division pointing to their low win totals of the division winner.  I’ve always denied it preferring to call it “competitive” and “parity”.

But forget all that.  Look at the respective Central divisions now in the admittedly young 2008 season. 



Central Division
Team           W   L   WL%  GB
St.Louis STL  12   6  .667  --  
Chicago  CHC  11   6  .647  0.5
Milwkee  MIL  11   6  .647  0.5
Pittsbgh PIT   7  10  .412  4.5
Cincnnti CIN   7  11  .389  5.0
Houston  HOU   6  12  .333  6.0


Central Division
Team           W   L   WL%  GB
ChicagoW CHW  10   7  .588  --  
KansasCy KCR   9   9  .500  1.5
Minnesta MIN   8  10  .444  2.5
Clvlnd   CLE   7  11  .389  3.5
Detroit  DET   6  12  .333  4.5


Again, the season is early but through 17-18 games, the NL Central games, the NL Central has maintained a slim winning margin at 54-51 total record. 

The AL Central on the other hand, are suffering at 40-49.  Of course, much of that is at the hands of the Detroit Tigers.  You could make the argument though, that the Cincinnati Reds (who are at 7-11) are playing below their potential.  Some nit-wits have picked them to win the division.  Kidding, Reds fans.

Only one team in the AL Central (yes it IS the Sox) have a winning record.

Throwing the numbers out, I see three solid teams (Cubs, Reds, Brewers) plus one very team that I either misjudged or is very lucky (Cardinals).  I honestly don’t know what to make of the Astros.  Add to that a perennial doormat that is improving (Pirates) and I see a division that is on the rise.



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