Ozzie Guillen gone all Tweetin’ on us

Ozzie Guillen is tweeting

At least that’s the rumor.  You never know with celeb-types if these things are real but it’s been picked up by the mainstream media so it HAS to be legit, RIGHT?  <——  <sarcasm>

But seriously, this one appears to be the real thing.  As to the content of Guillen’s tweets, nothing too majorly earth-shattering.  Things like:

Yessss nice day let’s go to work


I feel nice and relax today I don’t know why yeeessssssss carlos quentin and rios in camp b ready people

Guillen on twitter is appropriately, all the buzz on twitter right now.  If you think of it, Twitter is just the thing for the outspoken Guillen.  How MLB will moderate him will be the big internal issue, I’m sure. 

Apparently, Kenny Williams is already unhappy with Guillen’s idea of tweetin’. 

If you twitter, you can find Guillen tweeting @ozzieguillen

2 Responses to “Ozzie Guillen gone all Tweetin’ on us”

  1. already put it on my twitter board, YES!!!

  2. me too.

    now if the Hawk twittered, he’s definitely on my follow list. He’d be good for a laugh or two. :)

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