Sox Bring on Big Man to Fill Big Hole in Rotation

colon With Javier Vazquez traded off to Atlanta, good riddance, Chicago had an open slot in their rotation, in Back to the Future fashion, Kenny Williams flipped back to 2003, and Bartolo Colon. Colon was signed to a $1 million dollar contract, with an innings pitched clause that could be worth an additional $2 million dollars. Workhorse Bartolo is a big man, who pitches big innings, when healthy, 242 in 2003 with the White Sox. He was limited to only 39 innings with the Red Sox in 2008, due to injury.

It seems as though the White Sox may be out of the Freddy Garcia sweepstakes, looks like Freddy will be heading to the Big Apple, either with the Yankees or the Mets. So the Sox rotation is Mark Buehrle, Gavin Floyd, John Danks, two righthanders coming off injuries (Jose Conreras & Bartolo Colon), and possibly young lefty Aaron Poreda.

Last year Esteban Loaiza was brought in as a rotation possibility, but without his fastball, he was ineffective, and quickly gone. Hopefully Colon will make out better this year.

3 Responses to “Sox Bring on Big Man to Fill Big Hole in Rotation”

  1. DonS says, he’ll gimme Young Jon Garland in exchange for Big Bad Bartolo Colon right now.

  2. boy, it doesn’t look like he passes up too many buffets.

  3. Freddy Garcia signed with the NY Mets. DonS asked about Clayton Richard, looks to be the odd man out, as Aaron Poreda is the bigger prospect.

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