Sox vs. Astros

No dramatic comeback for the Cardinals this year.  Pujols’ check-swing strikeout was a little hard to watch.

It does make my decision who to root for in the WS a bit easier.  I’ll be pulling for the Sox.  Which confounds some of my Cub fan friends. 

I’ve come to realize that there are two kinds of Cub fans.  The kind that want the Cubbies to win it all and if they don’t than it better not be the Cardinals or the Sox.  Then there is the less dogmatic kind which is happy to see the cross-town (or cross-state) rivals get there due.  I fall into the latter category.

Speaking of, I ran across an article on MSNBC entitled White Sox Trendy? That would ruin their image: Fans revel in one thing: They are not the CubsRather humorous in my opinion though I don’t think it meant to be.  It was pretty much spot on at least with some Sox fans I know (Teddy Ballgame excepted).  The jist of the article:  Don’t be a fair-weather Sox fan… they don’t need you.

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