After missing Thursday night’s White Sox loss to the Blue Jays due to Ray’s 50th birthday party, lotsa fun, it was time to head down to the Cell. Only this time I’d be going down there in Rob’s car, with Vicky, for a pregame tailgate party. We arrived about 5:00 PM, the grill was already grilling, under a tent, Tade was busy cooking. Upon our arrival the beverages came pouring out of the trunk of Rob’s car. On the grill were hot dogs, brats, hamburgers, & cheeseburgers. There were cutup onions and tomatoes from Tade’s garden, along with mustard, ketchup, pickles, & piccalilli. Sweet treats were also present in the form of fresh fruit, chocolate chip cookies, and Snickers candy bars.

Those in attendance were me, Rob, Vicky, Tade, Dick, Bea, Steve, Bubba, Debbie & her kids, CLuke & his kids, Tom & Tim (Rob’s twin brothers), Kimberly (Rob’s daughter) & her girlfriends, Roland, Al, and Anthony. It was alot of fun, bringing the tent made it all possible. Some people snuck away from the parking lot to get their green hats for the Halfway to St. Patty’s Day festivities.

I called the White Sox to see if the game was still on at 7:00 PM, just about the same time Richard Roeper was throwing out the first pitch and the tarp was being removed. I decided to go inside along with CLuke & his kids and Roland. They had upper deck seats and the only way they could get to the lower deck was if I went in with them. Once inside, the tarp was back on the field, and Caramel Corn Mike was looking for something to eat. We met Dick at the gate to pickup some freshly cooked food hot off Tade’s grill. We delivered the food to a grateful Mike, just as the game was called.

Out to the tent we went, drinking some Captain Morgan Tattoo, good stuff Maynard, and it was time to head for home. I gave my ticket to Roland. I probably won’t be back at US Cellular Field this baseball season until the postseason.

Roland had a pretty neat rain delay penny entertainment thingy which he performed. He laid two pennies face up in the palm of his hand, “See any fruit?” To which the crowd responded, “No.” “Here’s a pair,” he chimed. Adding another penny, “See any snakes?” The people said, “Nope.” “Three copperheads,” smiled Roland. One more penny was added, “Any cars?” Roland responding to the “Nos” from the crowd says, “Four Lincolns.” Now there are five pennies face up in his hand, “See any sex?” The response from a laughing Roland is, “Well not for five cents you won’t.” Corny, but cute.

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