After watching a seven game winning streak homestand against the Royals & Twins it was time for me to chill. The White Sox had a three game series in Motown and then the Rox were coming to Chicago over the weekend. While Tade, Anthony, Mike, & Dan went to Detroit, I was going to be enjoying some family time celebrating my Grandmother’s 97th birthday and then spending the weekend in Waupaca. Well things didn’t go so well for the Southsiders as they got swept in Detroit and lost five of six overall.

Things were much better this past week with the Bucs coming in, I was ready to hop the Redline to the Cell. 16-5, 8-2, & 13-8 were the scores in the three mismatches. I felt pretty confident about the first game against hardthrowing righthander Ian Snell, but was a little anxious about the two soft throwing lefties opposing the Sox in the 2nd & 3rd games. Surprisingly a vodka lemonade before the games eased my anxiousness. The third game was closer than it should have been as Pablo Ozuna’s two out bases loaded error allowed the Bucs to jump out to a 6-0 lead. But the White Sox hitters were dialed in against the hapless Pirate pitchers(?).

There is a big asterisk with this Pittsburgh series, as the Pirates SUCK, not just a little bit, but alot! And it’s not like they’re young or anything, or hurt, they’re just BAD!

Speaking of BAD, the Crosstown Series at Wrigley Field is this weekend. This is a three game series between two first place teams that have been playing pretty good baseball. But it’s more important to many Chicago baseball fans, some think it’s like the World Series. It’s not really the World Series as Southside fans can look back to 2005 to what it’s like to win it all, while Northsiders need to put their longterm memory to the test, and remember all the way back to 1908 & the last time the jinxed Cubbies won it all. Oh no, is that a goat, a black cat, or Bartman? No, it’s just almost 100 years of bad baseball.

I’m off to Waupaca, hopefully my boys can win without me. I’ll be at the 2nd Crosstown Series next weekend at the Cell, Friday & Sunday, Saturday is the Lindskoog Family Reunion.


  1. come back to the present Teddy. The Cubbies have a better winning record than the Sox. And need I remind you who won today?

    You Sox fans can cling to 2005 like a dirty dish rag but I’m going with a winner.

  2. I’m just living in the real world instead of the fantasy, “this might finally be our year” hope Cub fans have been clinging to for nearly 100 years. What excuse will the Cubbies come up with this year? My White Sox are still in first place, playing pretty good baseball, so are the Cubbies. While I’d like the Sox to win every ballgame, this is just a three game road series. I’m just taking it one game at a time, enjoying the ride. Nice win Friday!

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