They Are the Pirates Who Don’t Score Anytime

pirates_dvd_cover There was a Veggietales movie out for kids not too long ago called, The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, but the Pittsburgh Pirates seem to be The Pirates Who Don’t Score Anytime. If only my White Sox could play the Buccos every day. To be honest, I’ve been up in Waupaca the last week, so I haven’t seen the past two games, only the final scores, and Pittsburgh didn’t score a single run in either game. Now today I see Chicago is down in the first inning, I wonder if the White Sox will be sending today’s starter to the minor leagues for allowing a run to the Pirates. I feel sorry for Pirate fans, that once proud franchise has been so bad for so long. Still I have to say, LET’S GO WHITE SOX!!!

3 Responses to “They Are the Pirates Who Don’t Score Anytime”

  1. How embarrassing, we lost a game to Pitt, sheesh!

  2. Trivia Question: Who has a better W-L record, the Pirates or the White Sox?


  3. When was the last time the Buccos had a winning season? That’s exactly the type of thinking that has won the Cubbies so many championships, it’s only the end of May. Cream rises to the top, give it time, the Sox will be fine by season’s end. We continue our assent tonite versus the Halos. LET’S GO WHITE SOX!!!

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