Was out at the Cell yesterday for the Sox/Rays playoff game, it was the 4th straight do or die game, and the Good Guys prevailed. A full house of fans dressed in black, not attending a funeral, but showing support for the Good Guys, who wear black, and possibly Johnny Cash. Drove down there in the rain with Rob, CLuke & his daughter Kate, others by Nancy were Rob’s daughter Kim, her friend Mel, Al & his sons Anthony & Dan, Dick & Bea, Steve, George & Debbie & her son, Caramel Corn Mike & his brothers, and Bill & his best friend TADE! Hope I’m not forgetting anybody, sheesh, the grief I put up with!

John Danks was in control, the White Sox played little ball (all three runners tagged on a bases loaded sac fly (Thome, Konerko, & Griffey), blazing speed, and the Good Guys won without the benefit of a longball. Getting ready for a Monday afternoon must win game at the Cell, I’ll be in black, having a vodka lemonade & a pretzel before the game, and screaming, “LET’S GO WHITE SOX!”, as loud as I can with my annual death cough.

Was talking with Caramel Corn Mike’s cousin before the game, her son was a freshman starting pitcher for Eastern Illinois. They went to the College World Series in Omaha.

Another note, I taught my four year old nephew Braden, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, he’s singing it all the time. Even though my niece Amanda & her brother Braden are in Wisconsin, they are root, root, rooting for the White Sox.

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