White Sox prospects dealt for Haren

Aaron Cunningham & Chris Carter two former White Sox farmhands were traded to the Oakland A’s for Dan Haren, but they were traded by the Arizona Diamondbacks, not the Palehose. Cunningham & Carter were packaged with bluechip outfield prospect Carlos Gonzalez to acquire Haren. Also going from Arizona to Oakland was 19 year old lefty prospect Brett Anderson.

The White Sox had traded Cunningham for Danny Richar and more recently sent the young power hitting firstbaseman Carter for the oft injured Carlos Quentin. Somehow I’d rather have Haren than Richar & Quentin, but to be fair Gonzalez & Anderson are also top notch talent. Actually I’d rather have Cunningham & Carter than Richar & Quentin. Oh well…

2 Responses to “White Sox prospects dealt for Haren”

  1. The White Sox have way too many holes to do a 5 for 1 trade. Richar and Quentin might not be great, but they fill positional needs with young players, something the White Sox are sorely lacking. If they’re not going to contend this year, I think they’re better off with Richar, Quentin, and their top prospects than Dan Haren.

  2. You’re right, a utility infielder and an injured outfielder are better than an ace pitcher, sheesh, take off those rose color glasses Kenny Williams and the Hawkeroo gave you.

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