Whither Uribe?

Kenny Williams doesn’t seem too concerned about Juan Uribe’s legal troubles.

“If he happens to go to jail, I’ll be looking for another shortstop,” said Williams back in October. “I have not been given any reason to be worried just yet.”

Maybe Kenny needs to pay more attention.

Of course, legal troubles is a nice way of saying that Juan may have to report to the Dominican Republican court system twice a month for this year. Juan remains resolved that he will return the majors once this is taken care of, though.

“But first I am going to resolve this, and then I will go to the Major Leagues,” Uribe added.

Hitting coach Greg Walker focuses on Uribe’s offense:

“Uribe can get better,” Walker said. “Will he end up leading the league in walks? No chance. But he can get better, and we will figure out ways to help him out.”

One thing at a time, GW.

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