New website:

Over the weekend, I started up a new blog.  It’s called and it’s devoted to the jargon, slang and terminology of baseball. 

I’ve seen a lot of baseball glossaries with lists of terms and short definitions on the web.  My vision is to delve more deeply into each entry, looking into the origins, usages, and history behind the words we use to describe the game we love.  You can read the About Page for more detail on what my mission for the website will be. 

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. 

Illini Hudson called up



For those who missed it, local favorite Kyle Hudson has just been called to the majors.  Hudson was a University of Illinois player who was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in 1998 in the 4th round.

Hud has been up for about a week already has four hits to name. 

is “free” access to stats a new trend?

I went to the Arvada Colts team page today to check on the progress of Illini pitcher Drasen Johnson.  The Colts are in the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Baseball League.  As I clicked on the “Stats” link, I was presented with only three categories of stats (Games pitched, innings pitched and wins) plus this disclaimer:

“FREE Access to the Arvada Colts for all Fans

To view expanded season statistics you must be a Fan of the Arvada Colts”


I have a hard time digesting this.  To put a price on baseball statistics, even when it is “free”, sets a really bad precedent. 

The Arvada Colts subscribe to the GameChanger service which displays their stats for them. 

Review: Out of the Park Baseball 12


When I started playing Out of the Park Baseball 12, I knew it had something going for it.  During my very first simulation game, a Cubs pitcher got hurt.  Score one for realism.

I got a review copy of OOTP 12 and was asked to give it a tryout. Last weekend, I did so and I found it an enjoyable baseball simulation game.  But first things, first.  What is OOTP? 

Out of the Park 12 is a baseball simulation in which you can take charge of a baseball franchise.  Specifically, you take on the persona of a general manager/manager who gets hired by a big league team.  From there, you handle all the duties that a GM would normally do.  Make trades, make lineups, make call ups, send players to the minors.. pretty much everything, while the season progresses. 

You have the option of playing the baseball game manually or having the computer do it for you.  Of course, OOTP 12 calculates the stats and standings for you in nice sortable and filterable tables. 


The results of OOTP are based on real life stats.  You can expect Tim Lincecum to be a hard thrower and Adam Dunn to be free-swinging slugger.  You get the idea.  Note:  There are 2011 opening day roster players on the OOTP rosters.

As for the actual game play, it’s okay.  I’m a dice and board APBA player so maybe that’s why I wasn’t thrilled with it.  To be fair, the interface was good and the reporting was probably better than MLB GameDay.  Computer baseball is difficult to do (at least for my liking) and OOTP did as good as any I’ve seen.

That said, OOTP 12’s strength lies in the franchise management.  I was almost overwhelmed by the options and info available.  Team strategy, manager strategy, trading, organizational moves (Want to make a Double-A call-up?  No problem.  OOTP has all levels of the minor leagues available.  Just make sure you send someone down first!)

The reporting features of OOTP 12 are pretty amazing, too. Stats, team reports, overview of players, organization business reports, you name it.  A few other features:  OOTP 12 has online leagues.  Also, there are historical seasons available too.  Any year going back to 1871. 

Two trivial things about OOTP 12 that I found interesting.  One, during loadup times when you’re usually waiting for 5-10 seconds, they display baseball quotes.  I like that.  Also, during baseball play when you are the defense, you are given the option to “hit the batter”.  Fun!

Overall, I found OOTP 12 to be well-researched and very detailed.  Any baseball sim player who wants to knock out a season on the computer should be pretty happy with this product.  I didn’t try the online leagues but my guess is that the competitive edge would make it even more enjoyable. 

If you’re interested, check out OOTP at their web site.  They do allow free downloads of their trial game so you can try before you buy.

Four Rays ejected


Four Tampa Bay Rays were ejected in the same inning tonight. 

In their game against the St Louis Cardinals, Manager Joe Maddon, J.P Howell, David Price and Elliot Johnson were all given the thumb.

Video Link

A-Rod on Reyes

Alex Rodriguez couldn’t help but gush about cross-towner shortstop Jose Reyes, according to ESPN NY. 

"They have the world’s greatest player playing shortstop over there, and the most exciting.  I turn on the TV every time I get a chance to watch him."

Well, I guess he can get away with saying that now that Jeter’s on the DL.

Strasburg’s progress moving along

Catch every Stephen Strasburg outing in 2012 with MLB Extra Innings on DIRECT TV.

With everyone seeming to be going on the DL these days, it’s nice to hear about someone making some progress.  Stephen Strasburg has been doing well since his TJ surgery and now is beginning to throw curveballs in practice says The Sporting News.

Indeed, he has been throwing fastballs at “full speed” so things are looking up.  It may not be long before the Nat’s schedule a minor league rehab assignment.  Still, it’s still questionable whether he will see major league action this year.

Some question whether Strasburg’s rehab has been moving TOO quickly and if there’s been enough thought put into whether he should change his mechanics due to the Tommy John surgery.

For Strasburg’s part though, it appears that he is handling everything calmly and as maturely as a 23-year old can.


Cirque du Soleil performer Gabryel Nogueira da Silva wins the prize for the coolest delivery on a ceremonial first pitch of a game.  He twirled and twisted before hurling the ball toward home plate at Monday’s game between the Royals and Padres. 


Jeter delayed

USA Today- Derek Jeter may not return to Yankees on time

"I do what they tell me to do," Jeter said.

General manager Brian Cashman said Jeter is still feeling pain in his calf.

then Jeter said, “Ow”.

Riggleman quits as Nats manager after winning 11 of 12

What an odd year it’s been in baseball. Derek Jeter is in line to get 3,000 hits at Yankee stadium but gets injured to delay the process.  Then Albert Pujols injures his wrist knocking him out for six weeks. 

Now for one of the strangest stories of the year.  Jim Riggleman resigns as manager of the Washington Nationals immediately after their 1-0 win over the Seattle Mariners.  Indeed, under Riggleman, the Nats have won 11 of their last 12 games bringing their winning percentage to .500 for the first time since May 11th. 

Winning got to him?  Well, it was more of an issue of his long term role in organization.  He simply didn’t have one.  He saw the writing on the wall and that writing told him that he was going to be gone by the end of the year.  According to rumors, team management refused to even meet with him on the matter.

“I’m 58,” Riggleman said. “I’m too old to be disrespected.”  Fair enough.  I feel his pain.  But there are other players (pun intended) in this story.  Let’s think of them, too. 

Players like Nats outfielder Layne Nix…  “I don’t even know what to think. I just know we’re playing well, and we have a game tomorrow.”

Baseball pundits are putting Davey Johnson front and center for replacing Riggleman.  Time will tell.