First-Year Player Draft is coming… are you ready?

How high will Illinois’ CF Kyle Hudson go?

The 2008 First-Year Player draft is almost upon us once again.  On Thursday, the Tampa Bay Rays will begin the draft by making their first pick.

I thought I’d start off our coverage of the amateur draft by throwing out some handy links that might be useful to anyone that is interested in the draft. 

MLB’s Draft Central:  This is MLB entry point for all things having to do with the First-Year Player draft.

2008 First-Year Player Draft Order by Team

MLB’s Jonathan Mayo’s Draft Reports: Run down the players who are most likely to go high in the draft.

Baseball Reference’s Past Drafts Search Feature:  Search by year, team, or by pick. 

If anybody has some more good references or articles on the draft, please pass them on.

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