2008 Predictions Part I: MLB Division Winners

I passed out a survey to everyone in the TBZ “office” and had them fill them out. The survey included 36 prediction questions about the upcoming 2008 baseball season.  Today’s installment compromises of predictions of division winners, losers, and who will take it all. 

Thanks to Teddy Ballgame, Shawn, Todd V, Don S, Nicky V and Brando for participating. 



Who will be the AL East Winner?

Boston Red Sox 4 votes
New York Yankees 3 votes


Comments:  Brando says, “The young blood from last year and a rebound of JD Drew will put them over the top.”  Todd V notes: “It’s either them or the Yanks, right?  I don’t think the Yanks have the pitching.”  Nicky V who predicted the Sox as well simply exclaimed, “YUCK!” 

TBZ predicts: Boston Red Sox


Who will be the AL Central Winner?

Detroit Tigers 4 votes
Cleveland Indians 3 votes


Comments:  As it seems to be the pattern here, it was between two teams.  Brando says: “Pitching is still the key.”, though I don’t know if that bodes well for the Tigers or not.  Todd V expresses the same concern about pitching.  He predicts the Tigers “but I wouldn’t be surprised if Cleveland repeated.  Detroit’s bullpen worries me.”

TBZ predicts:  Detroit Tigers


Who will be the AL West Winner?

Los Angeles of Anaheim Angels 6 votes
Seattle Mariners 1 vote


Comments:  The only real clear favorite though that kinda surprised just a little.  Todd V just doesn’t “see how they can’t win this division.”   Brando thinks “Mike Scioscia will work his magic”.

TBZ predicts:  Los Angeles of Anaheim Angels


Who will be the NL East Winner?

New York Mets 3 votes
Atlanta Braves 3 votes
Philadelphia Phillies 1 vote


Comments: Our first tie.  You can thank TBZ co-blogger Teddy Ballgame who voted for the Phils for this.  Brando (as well as I) think that “Johan Santana will make the difference.”

TBZ predicts:  New York Mets


Who will be the NL Central Winner?

Chicago Cubs 3 votes
Cincinnati Reds 2 votes
Milwaukee Brewers 2 votes

Comments: This was the most hotly contested division.   I voted for the Cubs.  Call me a homer but I think it’s warranted.  Todd V, who predicts the Reds, says that the “upgrades in their pitching will put them on top over the injury plagued Cubs”.

TBZ predicts:  Chicago Cubs. 


Who will be the NL West Winner?

Arizona Diamondbacks 3 votes
Colorado Rockies 2 votes
Los Angeles Dodgers 2 votes


Comments: Another tough one to pick.  Brando, who is a Dodger fan (a Brooklyn Dodger fan) had a lot to say.  “With Joe Torre at the helm, and Japanese import, Hiroki Kuroda,  the Dodgers are ready.  Oh did I forget to mention Matt Kemp is going to have a big year?” 

As for the DBacks, Todd V was short and sweet.  “These kids can play.”

TBZ predicts:  Arizona Diamondbacks 


NL Worst Record 

Brando Pittsburgh Pirates (70-92)  
Shawn Cardinals (60-102)  
DonS Giants 64-98 “Tough times on the Bay; A’s not much better.”
Todd V Giants  
Nicky V Pirates 59-103  
Teddy Ballgame Pirates 62-100  
TBZ Giants 65-97  



AL Worst Record 

Shawn Cardinals (60-102)  
DonS Orioles 66-96  
Todd V White Sox “Just did it to tick off my Chicago buddies”
Nicky V Rays 62-100  
Teddy Ballgame Orioles 58-104  
TBZ Rays 68-94 “Still have talent”


World Series Prediction

Brando Boston Red Sox  
Shawn New York Yankees “Yankees over Mets in 7 games”
DonS LAA Angels “Veering from prediction to prayer”
Todd V LAA Angels  
Nicky V Mets-Tigers  
Teddy Ballgame Reds over Red Sox  
TBZ Cubs “What can I say? Our time is up.”


Tomorrow:  2008 Award Winner Predictions and more!

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