2007 APBA Convention and Tournament

It looks like a lot of fun was had at the 2007 APBA Convention.  I’m sorry I missed it.  Over 60 APBA-philes attended with 56 participating in the tournament.  You can read the summary here.

Who won the tournament?

The 1927 Yankees, any knowledgeable baseball fan will recall, steamrolled their way to the pennant and swept the Pirates in the World Series that year. Now they can add one more momentous achievement to their storied history: THEY FINALLY WON AN APBA TOURNAMENT!!!

John Duke took the top prize with a three-game sweep of Dan’s 1970 Orioles, setting two records in the process: he won six games in a row en route to the title, and he became the tallest Champion ever at six foot, eight inches!

Conrgrats to John for the tourney win!  And thanks to the guys at APBA for putting this on.  I’ve been to two of these in the past and I think it’s great to get together with APBA fans around the world.  It’s a great time.


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