2007 APBA Convention one week away


APBA players note: The annual convention is one week away. This year, it will take place in Frazer, PA, not too far away from Lancaster, the home of APBA. It is scheduled for July 20-22. You can find out more details on the convention and how to register on APBA’s company web page.

I won’t be attending this year but I would encourage any APBA fan who has the time to consider attending. They are a lot of fun. I’ve attended two APBA conventions in the past and had a blast both times.

A big part of the convention is the tournaments. I participated in the basic baseball game tourney both times. The first time (which I attended with DonS), I chose the Boston Red Sox of 1977. Lots of power, some pitching, and NO speed. Alas, Yaz, Rice, and Evans didn’t take me too far. I won the first round then was defeated.

The second time (the 50th anniversary convention which I attended with my friend Brando), I chose the Milwaukee Braves of 1965. Again, won the first round then fell flat. I did have the honor of losing to Eric Naftaly, former editor of the APBA Journal. Couldn’t have lost to a nicer guy.

As an aside, one guy used his 1953 original St Louis Cardinals cards in the tournament. It would have been a quite a scene if someone had spilled their soda on the cards (they are quite rare). Luckily, such an accident never happened.

Besides the tournaments, there are speakers, booths, and contests. But the best part of the whole thing is meeting folks from all over that play the silly dice game that you play and sharing stories.

For those attending, HAVE FUN!!


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