No waiting for Glavine,

Today, those us in the Illowa APBA League were trying to nail down a date for our annual All-Star game.  I tacked this on the end of one of my emails:

By the way, God Bless Tom Glavine.  I rooted for the Cubbies the whole
way and swore a blue streak when Ohman essentially put the game out of reach.  But when the game was over I felt good for Tom G.

Glavine has been on my team for 17 years, more than any other player.
His career record in the IAL is 229-174.  Not only that, he is getting
better with age, in the last two years (06-07), he is 28-7.

Way to go, Tommy!  I’ll be there at Cooperstown when you get inducted,

Speaking of the IAL All-Star Game and Glavine, I wouldn’t be too surprised if he makes a showing.  He’s in the running for the starting role.  Through 87 games, he is 10-2 with a IAL leading 2.42 ERA.

Sunday’s game between the Cubs and Mets was full of sub-plots and storylines as if Glavine’s quest for 300 wasn’t enough.  Alfonso Soriano pulled up short with a strained quad muscle on his way to third base.  Anyone who saw that surely had sympathy pains.

Kerry Wood made his first appearance for the Cubs this season.  Luis Castillo got injured and had to be pulled.  Even the home plate umpire (whose name escapes me) appeared to suffer a concussion from a foul ball to the face mask.  Blurred vision almost took him out of the game but since when was sight a requirement for umping?  Hwe was back after 5 minutes.  (That was a shot at our resident ump, Todd).

Congrats to Glavine!  Despite the Cubs loss, it was nice to see a milestone accomplished that everyone (including MLB and ESPN) could get behind.

Finally, if you’re interested, here’s the audio for Tom Glavine’s press conference from MLB.com Also includes ARod’s and Bonds’ press conferences, too.

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