Berman’s got nothing on one of our APBA managers


It’s All-Star Game time in my APBA league.  Like the bigs, we all vote for deserving players who have well in our league and those players are used in the All-Star Game which will take place next weekend. 

While all managers vote to pick the starters, the All-Star managers (determined by best record last year) are responsible for picking the subs, pitchers, and determine the lineup.  The rest of us wait to see if any of our players get chosen. 

Usually, when the roster and lineup is emailed to us, it’s pretty standard.  Kudos to Nick, the East Division Manager, though for his clever writeup of his East Division All-Star team.  It made me laugh. 

Here it  is:

The Jack Robinson Cano  Lance Fat Elvis Berkman
Jimmy Jelly Roll Rollins  Chase not Citi Dirtball Utley
OWEEO MAG lee o Ordonez DW David the Wright Stuff
Prince I’m not my daddy Fielder Derek Jesus Jeter
Miguel Don’t call me Micky Cabrera Shane Maui Wowie Victorino
Biscuits and Grady Sizemore Nick The Stick Swisher Sweet
One Adam Dunn    Who Can? McCann can
What’s Your Vector Victor Martinez I am GayRod, G.A.Y. Rod
The Unhittables:
Steak and Jake Peavy
Subway Washburn
Peter The Great Moylan
The Big O Oswalt
Cole as the other side of the pillow Hamels
Matt the mad Capper Capps
Jose Moe Green Valverde
Matt not Abel Cain
Some guy named Gardner 

****This is just a projected team. Further consumption of Budweiser allows for change**** "

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