Illowa APBA League: 34 years and still rollin’

I spent last weekend at the Illowa APBA League World Series and Draft Convention.  This is the 34th year of the IAL’s existence and we’re lucky to have one or two of the founding managers still around. 

IAL Commissioner Mike Bunch presents the championship trophy to Rob Moore

First, a big congratulations goes to Rob Moore and his Chicago Highlanders who captured the IAL Championship by defeating Marcus Bunch’s Moline (IL) Upperdeckers in the World Series.  This was Rob’s first World Series win after making the playoffs three times.    Congrats, Rob! 

Todd V announces Ryan Braun as the first pick in the 2008 IAL draft.

After a brief (but not brief enough in most people’s eyes) league meeting, our rookie draft commenced.  Two things need to noted:  One, we are a continuous ownership or keeper league and draft rookies to replace players that have retired or did not play.  Two, since APBA is a replay game based on last year’s statistics, we are drafting 2007 rookies.

That said, here is our the first 15 picks went in our rookie draft:

  1. Braun, R.
  2. Tulowitzki, T.
  3. Pedroia
  4. Upton, J.
  5. Lincecum, T.
  6. Pence, H.
  7. Young, C.
  8. Gallardo, Y.
  9. Moylan, P.
  10. Hamilton, J.
  11. Gordon, A.
  12. Matsuzaka, D.
  13. Soria, J.
  14. Hughes, P.
  15. Garza M.

The pick of Braun, who went to Baseball Zealot Radio co-host Todd V was no surprise.  I had pick #2 and the rumor had gotten out that I was hot on Tulo so despite the fact that I took a good portion of my 5 minutes, everyone knew I was taking him.

In all, 38 rookies were chosen, the oldest, I believe being Okajima from Boston.  No doubt, Teddy Ballgame will be coming out with his annual draft review sometime in the future.  With my sucky performance (Tulo, McGowan, Kendrick, and Pie), I don’t expect a good review from him.

Rolling dem bones.  We start the 2008 IAL season.

With the 2007 postseason, league meeting and rookie draft out of the way, we still had 30 games to begin the 2008 season to play.  I won’t bore you with the details though we did have one exciting occurrence.  One game after C Luke’s Northside Hitmen’s Brad Penny no-hit me, I came right back with Rich Hill who countered a no-hit game of his own.  In the 34 years of the Illowa APBA League, no one can remember back-to-back no-hitters. 

My record for the weekend??  A pathetic 11-19 due to a lack of hitting and an inflexible bullpen. 

Congrats to Rob Moore and congrats to the IAL for 34 years of fun!

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  1. Ray Washburn and Gaylord Perry.

    By all accounts, Washburn did NOT cheat.

  2. hehe…

    here are the box scores of the real life games you are referring to:

    Perry’s no hitter against the Cardinals on 9/17/68

    Washburn’s no hitter against the Giants on 9/18/68

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