It pains me to say it… 300 must wait for Glavine

Glavine APBA card

Tom Glavine’s 2005 APBA card

At 7:05pm CT tonight, Tom Glavine will face the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field to make his attempt at 300 wins.  It will be a difficult game for me to watch.

Of course I’ll be rooting for the Cubs.  That’s what makes it so difficult.  Tom Glavine has been a favorite of mine for a long time.  You see, Tom Glavine is on my team in the Illowa APBA League

I hear some of you snickering out there.  Before you judge, consider this.  This is no fly-by-night web-based fantasy league.  I’ve had Tom Glavine on my Twin City Thunderchickens since he was a throw-in in a trade in 1990.  I traded Kirk Gibson (near the end of his career) and Pete Smith (who?) for Glavine.    I think Melido Perez was the other player involved on my end. 

Of those players, Perez and Gibson played until 1995.  Smith didn’t even last a year.  And Glavine… well, it’s 16 years later and he’s still a Thunderchicken. 

Since then Glavine has become a favorite of mine.

So me being a Cubs fan, you see how difficult this is for me.  It would have a hard enough time any other year.  But tonight with the added factors of Glavine going for 300 plus the Cubs being 1/2 games back.  Yikes!

Oh, Glavine’s career IAL record?  He’s 229-174.

Go Cubs!

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  1. The Wrigley fans showed lots of class by cheering for Wagner in the bottom of the 9th to close out Glavine’s win, once it was clear the game was all but lost for the Cubbies.

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