Thurman Munson August 2, 1979


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CBS 2 has a tribute to Thurman Munson whose fatal plane crash was 28 years ago today.  It includes a video of an interview of Munson. 

On personal note, my buddy Brando and I did a APBA replay of the 1979 baseball season.  When August 2 rolled around, it was a somber reminder the Yanks no longer had Munson’s services.  Kinda put some perspective on things.

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  1. On that day, I was a 10-year old kid sorting through baseball cards with one of my best friends in the basement of my childhood home. The TV on in the corner of the room was tuned to some afternoon kids show. We were engrossed in some baseball card trading, so it was just background noise to us until the special report interrupted the show. I looked up and listened to the report. I had never experienced the death of a family member before, close or otherwise, so the news was completely bewildering to me. I wasn’t sure what to feel, but I remember the shock and the chill of the news. As a young Yankee fan, weaned on the championship clubs of ’77 and ’78, Munson was one of a cast of heroes to me. Years later on another August 2, I was at Yankee Stadium and they played a tribute to Thurman on the video screen. We cried openly. The Yankees came out of the dugout and joined the fans in a standing ovation. I will always treasure those memories.

  2. Leeknay,
    thanks for the story..

    some make the case for TM for the HOF. As a yankee fan, what do you think?

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