Fall and Winter Ball dates to put on your calendar

For some baseball fans the season doesn’t end when the World Series is concluded.  Bus Leagues Baseball provides us the dates (via MLB’s Winter League page) for Fall and Winter League Baseball to put in your calendar. 

October 9 – Mexican Pacific League Opening Day
October 9 – Venezuelan Winter League Opening Day
October 13 – Arizona Fall League Opening Day
October 16 – Dominican Winter League Opening Day
November 7 – Arizona Fall League Rising Stars Game
November 20 – Mexican Pacific League Second Half Begins
November 23 – Arizona Fall League Championship Game
December 13 – Dominican Winter League All-Star Game
December 21 – Dominican Winter League Regular Season Ends
December 30 – Mexican Pacific League Regular Season Ends
February 2 – Caribbean Series Begins
February 8 – Caribbean Series Ends

TBZ’s intrepid co-blogger, Teddy Ballgame, usually makes it down south to catch some Arizona Fall League action.  As a result, we get some pretty good coverage of the prospects down there.

Teddy, mark your calendar!

3 Responses to “Fall and Winter Ball dates to put on your calendar”

  1. Already marked & booked, I’ll be roughing it, toughing it out, watching baseball in the Arizona sunshine, November 16th to the 22nd, including the AFL Championship Game. I’m really looking forward to seeing this year’s crop of talented youngsters, after seeing Tommy Hanson, Eric Young Jr., Logan Morrison, Gordon Beckham, & Tyler Flowers, among others, last year.

  2. Thanks for these dates – have been looking for these for a while.

    Any idea if any of these games will be available to watch online? A bit of a longshot, I know…

  3. I honestly don’t know but if the MLB is doing it you can bet they’re making money doing it. :)

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