2006 A.L. Gold Gloves Announced

So what have you been doing since the World Series ended? Our kids are happy to have the TV back during prime time hours now that the postseason is over.

MLB has turned the post season awards into a postseason “season”. You can’t tell the awards without a schedule. If you don’t believe me check out their MLB awards page. All the awards are neatly spaced by a couple days in order of “importance” (i.e. media ranking).

Anyway, AL Gold Gloves were announced yesterday, There were the usual standbys and a surprise or two.

  • C: Ivan Rodriguez, DET

  • 1B: Mark Teixeira, TEX

  • 2B: Mark Grudzielanek, KC

  • 3B: Eric Chavez, OAK

  • SS: Derek Jeter, NYY

  • OF: Torii Hunter, MIN

  • OF: Ichiro Suzuki, SEA

  • OF: Vernon Wells, TOR

  • P: Kenny Rogers, DET

Rodriguez, Teixeira, Hunter, Wells, Chavez, Suzuki and Rogers are all previous winners so they shouldn’t be a big surprise. Ok, Jeter has won it, too but there is the ongoing debate (not necessarily fostered by me) about his defense.

But Mark Grudzielanek? Other may know more than me but I’ve never put Grudzielanek and Gold Glove in the same thought. I’ve always considered him adequate, at best.

Kenny Rogers has won the GG in the last 3 years running now but I think this is a rather ironic pick, no? Kind of a slap in Detroit’s face. “See? If you had pitched THIS guy, you wouldn’t have had that throwing error.

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One Response to “2006 A.L. Gold Gloves Announced”

  1. While Mark G may not have the most range, he only made four errors in 130 games and deserved the Gold Glove.

    Looking at the stats I’d say that Grady Sizemore & Curtis Granderson very well could have been chosen over Torii Hunter & Vernon Wells. And Richie “The Handsome Man” could have been selected over Mark Teixeira at 1B.

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