Busy weekend in Cooperstown

Today, it’s one day of the year for the Baseball Hall of Fame to shine above everything else baseball.

Congrats to Goose Gossage and Dick Williams!

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  1. There were six inductees to the Hall of Fame this year (2008). One player, two owners, two managers and a commissioner (the worst commissioner of any major sport in history, but that’s another story).

    Earth to Selection Committee: The PLAYERS make the GAME. Not the owners. Not the commissioners. Not even the managers. The PLAYERS. Also, not the sportswriers and not the broadcasters. No matter how self-congratulatory they get.

    When I argue with friends over who should be in the Hall, when Captain Will and I almost come to blows about a certain guy who should NOT (IMO) be in the Hall, whateer the merits of the conversation, the discussion is always about PLAYERS.

    Baseball diminishes itself when it confers its ultimate honor on Bowie Kuhn, Walter O’Malley (I wonder what Brando thinks of THAT choice; as a Brooklyn Dodger fan, his thoughts are probably unprintable) and whatever his name is that used to own the Pirates.

    Do you need decent inductees to discuss? How about Orestes Minoso, Ron Santo, Roger Maris, Dock Groat and Jim Rice. Have at it with THOSE names.


  2. While I don’t agree that ONLY players should get inducted into the HOF, I do agree that the some non-players don’t belong including some this year.

    Especially Bowie Kuhn.

    And I have no problem with any of those names on your list (though I hadn’t given Dick Groat much thought).

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