Fans have a say on the Ford Frick nominees

Ford Frick

Ford Frick

Those fans who have an ear for a good broadcaster can make a difference in the Ford C. Frick balloting.  Here’s how it works:  Baseball fans can vote on a select few and the top three qualify for the final 10 member ballot. 

I don’t mean to be a grinch, but I generally don’t care for these fan participation promotions.  First of all, that’s essentially what they are… promotions.  Promotions that are tied to a heavy marketed ad deal.  Whether it’s, DHL or whatever, MLB is getting paid big bucks whenever these fan polls come around. 

However, looking at the actual Ford Frick ballot this year, I have to say it is relatively free of advertising.  Aside from your usual ads on MLB’s entry page and an ad from declaring that the poll is presented by them, it’s not much.   

Also, I hate to say it but when we leave the fans in control, we don’t always get the best results.  If we could be sure that knowledgeable fans voted, I wouldn’t mind.  I know that sounded elitist.  Anyway, anyone who notices the All-Star ballot results knows what I mean.  Ken Harrelson won the initial fan-based poll and went on the final ballot.  That should seal it right there. 

Frick Award Recipient, Not Inducted

One thing that the MLB is doing right, in my opinion.  From (bold emphasis mine):

 Each award winner, not to be confused with an inductee, is presented with a calligraphy of the award…

I’m not sure if this is a new thing or what precipitated it but I heartily endorse it.  Back in 1989, I had the privilege of seeing Harry Caray receive the Ford Frick award in Cooperstown.  Even back then, much of the media were prone to saying that Harry was “inducted” into the Hall of Fame which you and I know to be false.  As much as I like Harry, I’m a stickler for things like that and it bugged me. 

The trend of saying that anyone who received the Frick award (or any other significant award for that matter), was “inducted”.  As I say, I don’t know why they are pronouncing the difference (and I’m SURE there is a reason) but I’m glad they are. 

If you want to vote, here is the link.  If it’s not too personal, let us know who you voted for.  Broadcaster threads are always fun. 

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4 Responses to “Fans have a say on the Ford Frick nominees”

  1. Herb Score, Ed Farmer and Ronnie (Ron Santo). I have spent many an enjoyable afternoon/evening in their company. I thank all 3 of them.

    Ford Frick is best known as the Commissioner who decided that Roger Maris should get an asterisk. He unintentionally taught school children of my age the meaning of the word “asterisk.” Much as the C.I.A. and the Bay of Pigs taught us the meaning of the word “fiasco.”

    I’m going to vote again tomorrow. Voting for Jim Powell, the aging lefthander (Joe Nuxhall) and Jack Quinlan.

    Thanks to the Zealot for the heads-up on this.

  2. You induced me to vote, DonS.

    I voted for a home town announcer, an old favorite, and one of my all time best, IMO.

    Respectively, Pat Hughes, who i saw at the Cubs Convention earlier this year, Joe Nuxhall, who I’m surprised wasn’t in already and Steve Stone who I think is one of the smartest minds behind a mike.

    Hughes was a “homer” pick, I know and it may be too early for Stone.

    Nuxhall has a shot, though.

  3. oh DonS, interesting about the asterisk. The * has become such a part of our vernacular today.

    to the point of fans bringing signs to park with that particular punctuation mark on it.

    grr! THANKS, Ford Frick.

  4. A moment of silence for the aging left-hander (Joe Nuxhall), who passed away last Thursday. The Reds’ announcers booth will be a less joyful place than it was last season.

    Two aging lefthander quotes: “I take it personally when people say ‘Only the good die young,’ since I’m older than anybody.” and “The Reds just walked the bases loaded on ten straight pitches.”

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